Guest access functionality opens a whiteboard to external collaborators, that do not have access to your Whiteboards installation.

How to enable guest access

  1. Create an organisation account at, if you don’t have one:

    1. Go to and fill the signup form:

    2. In the organisation administration click Add identity provider:

    3. On the next screen choose the identity provider type:

      • For Jira Server/DC: Atlassian OAuth 1.0a,

      • For Jira Cloud: Atlassian OAuth 2.0.

    4. Configure the identity provider.

  2. Go to Whiteboards administration page in Jira or Confluence administration:

  3. In the Whiteboards administration page go to the Guest access section, paste your organisation slug and click Save.
    Important: Make sure your slug matches the one created at E.g. for a Whiteboards organisation at the organisation slug is the last part of the URL i.e. spartez-software.

How to share a whiteboard with external collaborators

  1. Go to your whiteboard.

  2. Open share dialog and go to the Guest access tab.

  3. Follow the instruction on the Guest access tab:

    • Follow a link to your organisation account at

    • Make a backup of your board.

    • Create a new board at

    • Restore the backup on the newly created board.

    • Open the Share dialog, go to the Guest access tab and invite guests by email.

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