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Blueprint is a set of predefined content that helps you start using whiteboard much faster. It can serve as a scenario for meeting, or a building block of some bigger picture.

Creating board from a blueprint

Upon creation of board please use the "Change blueprint" button, and select one of blueprints.

Some blueprints might not be available yet, but they are listed, so that you will know whats coming up next in Whiteboards app.

Inserting a blueprint to existing board

Any blueprint can be inserted into existing board. This feature is available in the toolbox on the left side of your screen:

Custom blueprints

A board, or a fragment of it can be saved as a custom blueprint.

Save board as a blueprintSave selection as a blueprint

This feature is available in the "..." menu on the top right corner of the screen:

Select a fragment of your board, and save it as custom blueprint:

When saving a board as a blueprint you can configure the visibility(public/private), and decide whether this should be a new entry, or you would like to overwrite an existing one:

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