Whiteboards for Jira offer a unique functionality of very deep integration with Jira. Issues can be added to whiteboards, and then manipulated in various ways.

Adding issues to whiteboards

Using toolbox on the right hand side you can filter Jira issues, and add the to the board with drag&drop operation.

Creating new issues on whiteboard

This feature is available only in Whiteboards for Jira Cloud

You can create a new issue, and add it to your board at the same time.  

Converting cards to Jira issues

Any card, shape, or text can be converted into Jira issue. Right click on the object, and select "Convert to issue" from the context menu.

Auto import of Jira issues based on JQL query

Jira issues can be automatically imported to the board thanks to the special "Import issues" zone. Once you specify the area, where new issues should be added, define the JQL filter, and other options. Issues will appear on your board, once you click on the refresh button.

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