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  • TFS4JIRA Cloud Version 101.2.17-AC

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Released 2022-04-27  Supported By Appfire  Paid via Atlassian  Commercial

Cloud Version 101.2.17-AC

Cloud Self-Hosted

  • Atlassian will be standardizing how parent and child issues are associated across Jira for company-managed and team-managed projects. As a result, the Epic Link and Parent Link custom fields in REST APIs and webhooks will be deprecated.
  • To remain compatible with the Jira Cloud deprecation of links, you will need to upgrade to the latest version of TFS4JIRA 9.0.

Cloud Native

  • New Features
    • Support for syncing boolean fields
      • Boolean fields are now supported when migrating or synchronizing from Azure DevOps to Jira. Users previously received errors when attempting to do so. These fields can now be mapped and synchronized accurately.
  • Performance and Security
    • OOM (out of memory) in profile state function has been fixed.
      • Users were experiencing OOM when executing initial sync, resulting in an invalid sync.

If you need assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team.

Make sure to also run the latest version of TFS4JIRA Synchronizer.

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