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Version: 9.0.0

Release Date:  

Please see TFS4JIRA Self-Hosted 9.0 | requirements and prerequisites

New features:

  • Jira 9 EAP03 compatibility

    • The release of Jira 9.0 is will provide improvements to end-user performance, platform and security upgrades, Jira Service Management SLA’s, and more. TFS4JIRA is now ready to upgrade when you are.

  • REST API for profiles

    • Automate your profile creation and management with newly added REST API. Users can access and enjoy Swagger UI with navigation from the profile list page

Performance and Security

  • x64 architecture for synchronizer

    • Handle bigger projects and bigger data sets. Memory allocated to caches is increased thanks to new x64 architecture.

  • Measure performance of synchronization and identify bottlenecks with structured performance data available via ETW

  • Stay secure

    • 3rd party libraries with security vulnerabilities have been upgraded


  • Added support for “Does not contain” Azure Filter - now it can be transformed to WIQL

  • Improved precision of handling start and end dates for initial synchronization from Azure to Jira

If you need assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team.

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