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  • Synchronizing Area Path and Iteration Path fields


The TFS4JIRA Synchronizer is able to synchronize TFS / Azure DevOps (formerly VSTS) "Tree path" fields (i.e. "area paths" and "iteration paths") using specialized synchronization methods.

Three modes of synchronization are available, as shown in screenshot below:

  • Copy full TFS tree path copies the whole path from TFS / Azure DevOps field to Jira field.
    Jira field should be of "Text" type
  • Copy last part of TFS tree path copies just the last part of the path (after the last "\" character).
    This can be used to automatically synchronize TFS / Azure DevOps sprints to Jira versions, provided that Jira version names are the same as TFS sprint names
  • Map values can be used for versatile mapping of TFS / Azure DevOps tree paths to any of the Jira "mappable" type.
    This will typically be used to map TFS / Azure DevOps iteration path to Jira sprints and TFS / Azure DevOps are paths to Jira components, but it can also be used to map TFS / Azure DevOps sprints to Jira versions or to any other "mappable" field. In case of mapping of sprints, TFS / Azure DevOps workitems with no iteration path will be synchronized to Jira issues not assigned to any sprint. 

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