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TFS / Azure DevOps Server URL

A URL used to access the TFS / Azure DevOps Server (note that this is not the URL for web access to the server. It is the URL that is used by Visual Studio to access it).

Azure DevOps Services

Check this option if you want to connect with Azure DevOps Services.


You need to provide credentials of a user account that has at least read access to the TFS / Azure DevOps that you are configuring:

  • User Name,

  • Domain,

  • Password.

Project Collection

TFS 2010 and TFS 2012 support the notion of "Project Collections". If you set the server version to "TFS 2010" or "TFS 2012", you can specify the project collection to use when querying the repository. If left blank, the default colection (called DefaultCollection) is used.


TFS / Azure DevOps repository settings

The following settings are specific for TFS / Azure DevOps Source Repositories.

Scan Size 

By default, TFS4JIRA scans 100 changesets every minute. Typically this results in adequate speed of scanning and moderate resource usage. However, sometimes it may be desirable to lower the number of changesets to scan at one time to avoid scanning error when there are particularly large or complicated changesets in your TFS / Azure DevOps repository. If you encounter scanning errors then you can try to lower this value.


After you define the TFS / Azure DevOps repository, TFS4JIRA starts querying it for changesets and saves the result in index files, so that retrieving check-in information is fast. Querying starts at the changeset number specified in the configuration and continues in batches of 100 (default value) changesets every minute.

This means that the initial scan might take a while, especially if you have a large repository.

After the initial scan is complete, TFS4JIRA is able to notice check-ins to a repository quite quickly - typically faster than a minute or two after the check-in is done.

Max Files in Changeset 

This parameter specifies the maximum number of files in a changeset that will be analyzed by TFS4JIRA (the default is 30). Limiting this amount prevents attempts to analyze huge check-ins, which are a result of operations such as cloning a big TFS / Azure DevOps project. Such huge changesets, if not treated in a special way (i.e. if their files are analyzed), can cause TFS4JIRA to exhaust all memory when it attempts to analyze their files.


If defined (not empty), only the specified source folder in the TFS server / Azure DevOps instance will be queried for changesets. Otherwise, all folders will be queried. The folder can be specified with or without the leading $/ characters.

Start at Changeset # 

The changeset number to start querying from. If left at 1, all changesets (the whole history) will be queried. Otherwise, queries will start from the specified changeset. This is useful for limiting the size of history and the time it takes TFS4JIRA to initially update its database

Git repository settings

The following settings are specific for Git Source Repositories.

Git Project / Repository

Click "Fetch repositories" then select one from all available Git repositories of your Project Collection

Start from push date

This parameter is useful for performance reasons. If you do not need old commits to be visible in Jira then you can limit indexing to only these pushed into TFS / Azure DevOps repository since given date. Leave blank if you want to have whole repository indexed.

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