The Profile Overview page allows you to access the profile details, from there, you can see:

(1) Profile History - displaying initial sync logs and details
(2) Sync Log - showing history ans dtatuses of all synchronized item pairs
(3) Configuration - a link to profile configuration

You can access profile overview either by clicking "See Overview" (1) in the profile list page or clicking a cog icon (2) in the list and then selecting "configuration" (3)


In the Overview Page you can access all features described above form here:

Profile History 

Clicking "See details" in profile events table - profile history - will display a list of items from the initial sync.
Clicking item's ID will open the issue in Jira or Azure DevOps

Sync Log

Clicking Sync Log tab will open full history of this profile synchronization:

In this view, you are able to: access the issue details by clicking its ID, see the sync direction represented by an arrow, view the synchronization outcome in order to learn whether it was succesful or not and check the synchronization date.  Also, the filter section allows you to look up the items and switch between failed and synced:

The failed items section allows to learn the failure details. In order to view them, click the error message:

At this point you can either adjust the mappings or invalid configuration causing the error or simply change the mapping fallback options for the error not to be raised in the future.

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