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  • Permissions needed by TFS4JIRA Synchronizer - Cloud Native


Jira issues and Azure DevOps work item synchronization

TFS4JIRA Synchronizer connects to Jira using the credentials provided in the synchronization profile. For the work items / issues synchronization to work, the user must have the following permissions:

Jira permissions


Add Comments

(info)Only if Comments synchronization is enabled
Assign Issues(info)Only if the Assignee field is mapped
Browse Projects(tick)
Close Issues(tick)

Create Attachments

(info)Only if Attachment synchronization is enabled
Create Issues(tick)

Delete Issues


In exceptional cases due to race conditions we may create orphan items that have to be cleaned up 

Edit Issues


Modify Reporter

(info)Only if the Reporter field is mapped

Resolve Issues


Transition Issues


Azure DevOps permissions


Access LevelRequiredNotes


(info)Only if Tags field is mapped


User GroupRequiredNotes


(tick)Minimum set of permissions
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