What is TFS4JIRA Cloud Native?

TFS4JIRA is a bi-directional synchronization tool for work items and issues in Azure DevOps and Jira in Cloud Projects.

Whether you want to migrate from/to Jira or Azure DevOps or synchronize two projects in these environments, TFS4JIRA is the right choice for you. It works great if you want changes within every single issue or work item reflected on sync. The solution is perfect for migrating projects, joining them or simply keeping numerous projects up to date.

You can use the app for a one-time migration or full, live issue synchronization, applying every change made in Jira to a corresponding Azure DevOps issue and the other way around.
This way you can either move from one system to another or use both, with all the work items and issues automatically updated on every single change.

The Cloud Native version of the app is a SaaS, ready-to-go application that is fast and works fully as a cloud native application.

 main features are:

  • Automatically synchronize changes made to issues and work items between Jira and TFS / Azure DevOps including:
    • changes in summary, description, assignee, labels and many other fields.
    • comments synchronization,
    • attachments synchronization;
  • Synchronization Log with details for every single issue synchronized within a profile
  • Full support for Azure DevOps Cloud
  • Full support for Jira Cloud 

Full list of features available here.

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