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  • No users visible in User Map under TFS section

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There are no users visible in TFS4JIRA under TFS section using TFS/Azure server.

In logs visible error similar to this

WARN SpartezSoftware.Synchronizer.Tfs4jira2.Services.UserProviders.Tfs.TfsSoapUsersProvider - Failed to retrieve users from the following collections: '[DefaultCollection]\Project Collection Valid Users'.

Why it occurs

Since TFS 7.10.10 we have added automatic user mapping option by email. That required to use specific project collection group membership and we stopped working with other localisations of TFS/Azure.

How to fix

Add membership to your TFS instance [{{YourCollectionName}}]\Project Collection Valid Users (example: [DefaultCollection]\Project Collection Valid Users) and add all users to be in that group membership also.

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