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What is TFS4JIRA synchronizer

Synchronizer is a web application accompanying Jira plugin. It is required for the data to be properly transferred between the systems and is required regardless if you are using a cloud or on-premises versions of TFS / Azure DevOps and Jira.

If you are using check-ins synchronization and you are using Jira Cloud, you need to make the Synchronizer web interface available from the Internet. Please refer to Settings for Jira Cloud for more details.

TFS4JIRA Synchronizer
 application can be installed on any server machine that has network access to both Jira and TFS / Azure DevOps and which is always online.

You can download installer from here: - choose the web installer (tfs4jira-synchronizer-web-setup-x.y.z.exe) if you have Internet access or offline (tfs4jira-synchronizer-offline-setup-x.y.z.exe) version otherwise.

TFS4JIRA Synchronizer installation process is quite straightforward. Simply run the installer as an administrator and follow instructions. The installer will warn you if any of the required components is missing.

TFS4JIRA Synchronizer application will be created under site named "Default Web Site" - if this site doesn't exist then installation process will fail. If you really need to install the synchronizer on a different web site, or if your site is called differently, you will need to use the command line to invoke MS installer with some additional parameters, like this:

    tfs4jira-synchronizer-web-setup-x.y.z.exe /i WEBSITENAME="example" WEBSITEPORT=99

where WEBSITENAME is the name of your existing web site, under which you want to install the synchronizer, and WEBSITEPORT is its port - both of these options must be specified, otherwise the result is undefined.

Also you can add INSTALLLOCATION="c:\yourpath" parameter to install Synchronizer in different folder.

  • If you have a different Physical Path than the default path (%SystemDrive%\inetpub\wwwroot) for your site, then you will need to specify the INSTALLLOCATION by adding this parameter.

Additionally, you can install TFS4JIRA using the following switches:

  • /quiet - displays no UI whatsoever

  • /passive - displays a UI but requires no user input. Essentially just displays an install progress bar

You should be able to access the installed application under the following URL: http://<your-iis-host-name>/tfs-jira-synchronizer.
In order to log in to the application just use administrator's login and password.

Installation logs

Our installer writes detailed installation logs into USER_HOME/AppData/local/temp/ folder. Please note the AppData folder may be hidden, if so please provide full path in Windows Explorer.

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