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  • Connecting JIRA to TFS4JIRA Synchronizer

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In order to establish a secure connection between Jira and TFS4JIRA Synchronizer one has to:

  1. Set Jira URL and encryption password in TFS4JIRA Synchronizer.
  2. Set TFS4JIRA Synchronizer URL and encryption password in Jira.

With this information in place TFS4JIRA components can establish secure HTTPS connection between each other.
Please note, that encryption password can be chosen arbitrary (in particular - it is not your Jira password). It just has to be the same in Jira and TFS4JIRA Synchronizer.

If you have Jira Cloud, you will need to expose the TFS4JIRA Synchronizer to the Internet, allowing incoming connections to it, either directly, or through a proxy, or by port forwarding. See Required network configuration for more details.

Setting up Jira URL in Synchronizer Check-ins Scanning configuration

Go to Check-ins Scanning tab and create new configuration. Set your Jira URL and encryption password of your choice.

Setting up TFS4JIRA Synchronizer URL and encryption password in Jira.

In Jira administration go to Add-ons tab and page "TFS4JIRA Configuration". Enter Synchronizer URL and the same password as in previous step, then click "Test". If connection is successful click "Update" button.

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