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  • Configuring TFS4JIRA check-ins synchronization using existing TFS4JIRA synchronization profile

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This page contains instructions about configuring TFS4JIRA check-ins synchronization using existing synchronization profile. If you want to configure it from scratch click here.

Connecting TFS4JIRA Synchronizer with Jira

If you already configured TFS / Azure DevOps (formerly VSTS) to Jira issues synchronization then configuring Check-ins synchronization in TFS4JIRA Synchronizer is easy:

  1. Go to the Synchronization Profile Configuration screen and click link "Configure Check-ins Scanning". 

  2. In screen "Create New Check-ins Scanning Configuration" enter encryption password and click button "Create Configuration".

  3. On the Create source repository dialog choose what version control system you use (Team Foundation Version Control or Git). The repository will be configured based on the existing synchronization profile settings.

  4. Source repository settings has been set automatically. In order to test connection to your repository click "Test" button. 
    Note: On the screenshot below a TFS repository is shown. If you create a Git repository it will be shown in the Git Source Repositories section

  5. In case of any connection problems click Edit button and edit connection parameters. You can find reference for all parameters here.

This document is part of tutorial on configuring TFS / Azure DevOps check-ins synchronization. Please go to page Connecting JIRA to TFS4JIRA Synchronizer to move to the next topic.

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