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  • Configuring TFS4JIRA check-ins synchronization from scratch


This page contains instructions about configuring TFS4JIRA check-ins synchronization from scratch. If you want to configure it using existing synchronization profile click here.

Connecting TFS4JIRA Synchronizer with Jira

  1. In TFS4JIRA Synchronizer go to tab Check-ins Scanning and click "Create Check-in Scanning Configuration".

  2. On "Create New Check-ins Scanning Configuration" page enter Jira URL and encryption password, then click "Create Configuration" button.

Adding Source Repository

When Jira and TFS4JIRA Synchronizer are successfully connected you can configure TFS / VSTS repository for which check-ins should be scanned.

  1. Go to tab "Check-ins Scanning" and click "Edit" link.

  2. Click "Add TFS Source Repository" or "Add Git Source Repository" depending on what Version Control System you use.

  3. Set connection parameters for your repository and click "Save". You can find reference for all parameters below.

This document is part of tutorial on configuring TFS / Azure DevOps check-ins synchronization. Please go to page Connecting JIRA to TFS4JIRA Synchronizer to move to the next topic.

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