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  1. Embedded attachments support (images/PDF/ZIP)
  2. Security fixes
  3. Improved and increased debug logging


  1. Fix for mapping direction for a new profile
  2. Queue mechanism improvement and optimization


  1. Security fixes
  2. Internal improvements


  1. Improvement: queue per tenant.


  1. Improvement: steps field synchronization from Azure DevOps to JIRA (Test Case work item type)
  2. Initial synchronization improvement
    1. link synchronization will be retired only once
  3. Licence check fixed


  1. Fix for problems with case-sensitive emails
  2. Faster initial synchronization aborting mechanism (queues should be cleared faster if we encounter a problem)
  3. Hard limit for initial synchronization - 14k items
    1. application will cancel initial synchronization if items count is higher then 14000
  4. Security improvements


  • PAT removal
    • currently, there is no need to create a separate user and personal access token (PAT) for JIRA access
  • Filters cloning fix
    • cloning profiles will now also copy filters
  • Removing not supported characters from text fields
    • issue observed during TFS/ADO Title field migration to JIRA's Summary.
    • error pointing to newline characters present in Title (\n \r)
  • User mapping step added to the wizard


  • Security improvements


  • Status sync fix for the JIRA environment
    • synchronizer will now set accurate status in JIRA if there are no status transitions in ADO revisions


  • Opposite environment item link instead of ID in the custom field
  • Long text truncation in JIRA's paragraph type fields
  • Many security improvements
  • Users are not able to start new initial synchronization while another one is still in aborting state
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