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  • Change Reason and ResolvedReason during State transition


TFS and Azure DevOps track changes in work items using revisions. Whenever any change occurs, a new snapshot of the whole work item is created, and this snapshot contains all the changes that were saved, along with other fields.

All the changes we make before pressing “Save” are saved in one revision. Every time we press the save button, a new revision is created.

Synchronizer does not support changes in Reason and ResolvedReason that occur outside of state transitions (i.e. those revisions that contain a State change).

In order to syncrhonize Reason and ResolvedReason change them in the same revision as State - i.e. when transitioning the work item.

  1. Change State

  2. Change Reason

  3. Change ResolvedReason

  4. Press save

This also means that if you will just drag and drop a work item into done column, and change Reason / ResolvedReason some time later - that will not be synchronized.

TFS-3315: As a synchronizer user I would like Synchronizer to pick up changes in Jira Resolution and TFS ResolvedReason that happen outside of state transitions, so that I can easily edit those fields

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