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  • Printing cards from notification panel


If you are using Jira Cloud you can print issue cards from Agile Cards' notification panel. If you have issues in active sprint or on Kanban Board which were not printed then the appropriate notification will be displayed on the panel:

The panel appears on Active Sprints view, Jira Software Backlog view and Kanban Board. You are notified separately about issues assigned to you and all issues (including yours). You need to have permissions to update issue in order for this feature to work properly.

Switching off notification panel

The panel can be easily turned off on a per-user basis. In order to do that you need to go to open Agile Cards menu and click "Hide notification panel" as presented on the following screen:

Printing issues that match date range

This feature works on Jira Cloud and Jira Server from version 7.2

We save print date every time someone prints issues. Given that it's very easy to select issues which were not printed within custom date range. You can use JQL queries for that. Here are just a few examples to give you a brief idea how to find issues which are not printed since a given date:

agileCardsPrintDate > "2017-03-24"
agileCardsPrintDate > "2017-03-24" AND agileCardsPrintDate < "2017-03-26"
agileCardsPrintDate > -2d
agileCardsPrintDate is EMPTY

A note about reindexing

Agile Cards tracks print date since March 30, 2017. If you want to be notified about those issues which were created before this date then you need to perform a reindex of Jira issues. Otherwise old issues will be ignored and not displayed on the notification panel. If you're ok with that, then no action is needed to start using the panel with new issues. After switching the panel off you can still search for issues with respect to agileCardsPrintDate field.

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