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Generation of PDF documents is only possible if your copy of Agile Cards is installed on Jira Server.

Although you will not be able to generate PDF documents directly from Agile Cards on Jira Cloud you may still be able to use the generic PDFprinter / distiller installed in your operating system.

Instead of printing issue cards directly you may want to generate a PDF document instead. There are several benefits of choosing PDF over direct printouts.

You can send a PDF document to your co-workers and they will receive a nicely formatted snapshot of the issues you are working on. Mind that you can build such a template that each issue is represented as a single full screen page with information on the front and reverse sides. Some of Agile Cards users prefer to use such a mean of communication to discuss their work with peers, stakeholders and customers.

You may also choose PDF document as a temporary media in case the computer you have access to Agile Cards from is not connected to any printer. In this case you can save the PDF document to a USBthumbdriveor send it over email and print it from somewhere else.

Last but not least: PDF documents are great for storage. Print your cards as PDF documents and back up the files for later audit or disaster recovery.

How to create a PDF document

Go to "Cards preview and print" tab in Agile Cards and click "Generate PDF" button. Your new PDF document will be saved by the browser automatically.


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