The session moderator or participants are not getting notified after being invited to join the async session.


  • Jira Cloud.
  • Async session.
  • The "Send invitation e-mail to the participants" box is checked.


The session moderator or participants might not be getting notified by Agile Poker for Jira Cloud about async sessions they are invited to due to the fact that the email address field is hidden from Atlassian's public Cloud REST APIs and no longer generally accessible to apps.


In order to check if this is causing the problem you'll need to:

  1. Access your Jira Cloud instance.
  2. At the bottom left-corner, click on your user profile icon and choose Account settings.
  3. Go to the Profile and visibility page.
  4. Find the Contact section.
  5. Check the value set for the "Who can see this?" option in the email address field.

  6. If the option is set to the organization you belong, or restricted to you and admins, Agile Poker for Jira Cloud will not be able to send you messages.


In order to allow Agile Poker for Jira Cloud to send messages, users need to unhide their email address from public. This allows Agile Poker for Jira Cloud to fetch the user's email address and send messages.

  • Set the "Who can see this?" option for the email address field in your profile to Anyone.