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This part of the documentation relates to Agile Poker for Jira Server and Data Center. If you use Jira Cloud go to the Agile Poker for Jira Cloud documentation.

Agile Poker provides two types of estimation sessions:

  • interactive sessions are great when everybody estimates at the same time.
  • asynchronous sessions that are most effective when the team is distributed in multiple locations and users don't estimate at the same time. 

During interactive sessions users share session state. Every change in an interactive session state is instantly propagated to other users. This page describes the communication mechanism behind this functionality and potential issues that may occur on a complex network infrastructure.

The diagnostics page

You can test Agile Poker connection stability using the "Diagnostics" page in Jira administration. After running the test simply send the results to and we will guide you on further steps. The rest of this page will help you if you decide to troubleshoot the problem on your own.

Typical network infrastructure

During interactive estimation sessions the following components are involved:

  • Users' computers and mobile phones
  • Corporate reverse proxy server (NGINX, NetScaller, Apache, etc.)
  • Apache Tomcat hosting Jira Server (in most cases it comes with Jira installation package)
  • Jira Server instance
  • Agile Poker Enterprise installed on Jira Server

Relations between aforementioned components are shown on the diagram below:

Agile Poker infrastructure Copy

Troubleshooting typical issues

1. The interactive estimation session state is not updating and I usually get disconnected from the session

Agile Poker takes advantage of the Atmoshpere framework to facilitate communication between user browser and Jira Server. Specifically, the technique called Long Polling is used with HTTP requests going to the url https://Jira_SERVER_URL/plugins/servlet/jpp-ng/atmosphere/session/SESSION_ID.

Invalid reverse proxy server settings may break the Long Polling mechanism. Agile Poker requests take up to 60s (it's a normal behavior in long polling), should not be cached nor buffered by your reverse proxy.

Some proxy servers limit number of connections open simultaneously. Check if your proxy server does not reject incoming connections because of reaching this limit. Moreover ensure that connection timeout on proxy server is set to 65s or more. 

You can try switching from Long Polling to Server-Sent Events. On some environments this might work better than long polling, although Internet Explorer does not support it at all. You can change the communication protocol via the plugin Global Settings.

In case of connection issues follow instructions on the diagram below:

reconnecting-session Copy

2. I get a warning message that Agile Poker has failed to integrate with my Apache Tomcat installation

It is possible that in non-casual environments Agile Poker won't be able to integrate with Apache Tomcat. In such situations you will see a warning banner (visible only for Jira administrators).

Being unable to tweak Tomcat configuration means that every web browser currently involved in the estimation session will acquire and hold for 60 seconds one connection from the available connection pool. The default connection pool size is 150 for Jira 6.x and 8000 for Jira 7.x. Especially on Jira 6.x this might result in denying of serving other HTTP requests during that 60 seconds - from the user perspective it will be seen as page load time degradation.

To resolve that issue you should double-check your Tomcat configuration - maybe you are using a non-default one? Or maybe you are using a custom Tomcat version? You might also consider applying com.spartez.pokerng DEBUG log level in your Jira instance to assist you in troubleshooting:

If none of the above helps and you still see that warning messages, please contact us at Spartez Software Support Portal or

3. About Apache mod_proxy and mod_jk

If you have Apache 2.4 you might be affected if you're using mod_jk. We've heard from our evaluator that certain features (i.e. Export task to printable) in Jira don't work and Agile Poker is affected too. To fix that you need to disable mod_jk and use mod_proxy instead.

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