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This part of the documentation relates to Agile Poker for Jira Server and Data Center. If you use Jira Cloud go to the Agile Poker for Jira Cloud documentation.


Every sprint is different because people take days-off or there are public holidays. That's why team velocity alone is not enough to hint the scope of the upcoming sprint. The missing information is availability of the team members (public holiday in the middle of the sprint should be taken into account during planning). Sprint capacity calculator does all the math for you and provides the team with insights about the sprint scope, basing on historical and forecast data.


  1. During the sprint planning meeting join an Agile Poker session 

  2. Click Set sprint capacity (If this button is disabled create first a sprint using the Create Sprint button available just above your backlog).

  3. On the "Calculate sprint capacity" dialog you will see the three last sprints with their velocity in Story Points and an input for the team capacity. Fill team capacity (e.g. in man-days) for the last sprint and the foreseen capacity for the upcoming sprint. 

  4. Click save and you will see projected velocity for the next sprint. The projected velocity badge gets red if the sprint scope exceeds projected velocity.

A note on the tool

Sprint capacity calculator gives you a hint on the upcoming sprint scope. Projected velocity should be taken into account during planning meeting but eventually it's the team who decides whether the sprint scope is big enough or not. It's perfectly fine to start a sprint with scope exceeding projected velocity (in story points) if the team feels they will fulfil the committed sprint goal.

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