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Agile Poker Cloud

This part of the documentation relates to Agile Poker for Jira Cloud. If you use Jira Server go to the Agile Poker for Jira Server and Data Center documentation.

Session Types

Each estimation session (Interactive, Asynchronous, Relative or Bucket Sizing) can be created as either Public or Private:

  • Public - unrestricted session access. Every Jira Software user can access such session, update its configuration and participants list (including moderator, participants and observers roles). All Jira restrictions apply here: users who do not have access to the specific project, board or issue will not be able to see restricted data. But they can still join and modify a public estimation session in Agile Poker.
  • Private - restricted session access. Only the users invited to the session (moderator, participant, estimator or observer) can join it.  Depending on the role the user will get:
    • Moderator - full session access, ability to update session participants (add or remove users), update session configuration, change a moderator, finish the session or remove it;
    • Participants (Participant / Estimator / Observer) - limited session access, ability to participate in estimation process that is controlled by a moderator. Note: Agile Poker allows setting "Everyone" as the moderator that results in every session participant getting moderator's permissions.
    • Jira administrator - remove any active or finished session. Administrators are not able to join a private session if they are not on the session's participants list.

Once session is created it's impossible to change its type. We plan enabling session type change in the future, you may watch [APJ-1617] As an AP user I want to switch a running session from Public to Private for the updates.

More on session user roles:

  • Moderator - controls the session flow: picks up the Jira issue(s) to be estimated, enables/disables voting, finishes the session;
  • ParticipantEstimator - participates in the estimation session but can't control its flow;
  • Observer (available for Interactive sessions only) - observes the estimation process but can't provide estimates, session is progressed without observer's input.

Once session is finished (estimation is completed; "Finish session" action executed) then it is not longer possible to join it or update its configuration. 

Accessing Sessions

"See all sessions" button at the Agile Poker's home screen or "See all active sessions" link for a particular session type will take you to the All sessions page where you can easily find the sessions by:

Private sessions also have a lock icon shown to the right from the session participants list.

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