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This part of the documentation relates to Agile Poker for Jira Cloud. If you use Jira Server go to the Agile Poker for Jira Server and Data Center documentation.

This article has been created to support users of Agile Poker's Multi-field estimation sessions who might not see all the issues they expect to see in the estimation session. 

Sometimes Agile Poker users might end up not seeing issues they want to see in the session scope. For example, the Story Points field is not configured for Bugs by default. If this happens, Agile Poker won't show issues with the Bug type in session scope.

For the Multi-field estimation sessions, the problem not only remains but it's multiplied by the number of fields selected for estimation. 

Issues in Multi-field estimation sessions must have all the selected estimation fields and the final score field properly configured.

Even if one of the fields is missing from the issue context, the issue won't appear in the session scope. 

Before you start

Make sure that issues on the selected board have Field context, Field configuration, and corresponding Screens set up properly. 

Check out the following articles if for more information: 

What to do if an issue is missing from the session scope

If you are missing issues on the Interactive Multi-field estimation session: 

  1. Try adjusting Jira settings according to the instructions above and refreshing the page. 
  2. Finish the current session and start a new one with other fields selected.

If you are missing issues on the 3rd step of the Asynchronous Multi-field estimation session creation (Session scope step): 

  1. Try adjusting Jira settings according to the instructions above and refreshing the page. 
  2. Return to the 1st step of the session creation and modify the selected fields. 

What's next?

Check out other pages related to Multi-field estimation: 

Please let us know if this article was helpful, your feedback is appreciated:

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