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It’s possible to estimate issues from multiple projects using Agile Poker for Jira. 

This is only possible for Company Managed Project (Classic Projects) as Team Managed (Next-Gen) does not have the possibility of configuring the boards.

To achieve that, you will need to have a board that contains multiple projects:

Edit the Filter for your Board

This is the simplest of the methods: you just need to edit the board filter to include other projects. But make sure the same field is being used for estimation (IE: Story Points).

Start by going to the Board settings

There, click Edit Filter Query:

Notice that for this example, the current filter is:

project = AWD ORDER BY Rank ASC

To include more projects, we need to edit this and switch from project = to project in:

project in (AWD, MARS, SAT) ORDER BY Rank ASC

Don’t forget to click Save.

Upon returning to the board, you will have issues from all the projects that were included in the filter. And you are ready to estimate!

Create a new board

If modifying the filter is not possible for whatever reason, you can instead create a new board for estimating issues from multiple projects.

Go to and click Create Board.

Then select Scrum or Kanban, for this example, we’ll pick Scrum:

And select Board from an existing project and in the next screen, give it a Name and choose the projects:

After clicking on Create board you will be taken to your newly created board with issues from all the projects.

You are ready to start estimating!

What's next?

Now it's time to check Agile Poker for Cloud Session types: 

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