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  • Configuring estimation field for Team-managed projects

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This part of the documentation relates to Agile Poker for Jira Cloud, Next-Gen (Team-managed) projects.

If you use Jira Cloud Classic (Company-managed) projects navigate to this page.

If you use Jira Server go to the Agile Poker for Jira Server documentation.

After all team members agree on an issue estimate, you usually want to have the agreed value saved in some Jira custom field (we call it the estimation field). 

In Agile Poker for Jira Cloud for Team-managed projects, you can save estimates to available time fields or to any numeric field, including the Story point estimate field.

Configuring Story point estimate numeric field

Jira's default "Story point estimate" field is recommended for Team-managed project users to see estimates on the board. This field, unlike other Team-managed projects' numeric custom fields, is shared between all the Team-managed projects and can be standardized across the organization. 

To configure the Story point estimate field for the board and Agile Poker estimated, follow the steps below:

  1. Enable the Estimation feature in Project Settings (Project settings → Features → Estimation) and make sure Story Points is selected:

    By default, this action will enable the Story point estimate field in the Context fields settings in (Project settings →Issue types → Issue type → Context fields) for all standard issue types. However, this can be adjusted, so make sure the Context fields have Story point estimate enabled.

  2. Select "Story point estimate" field as Estimation Field in Session Creation (Agile Poker → Create session → 1st step for Interactive session or 3rd step for other sessions) or Configuration (Agile Poker → Join Session → Configure → Session settings → Estimation field).

If, for some reason, you'd like to use some other field for saving your estimates just add a number field to the issue type via Project settings → Issue Types and set that field as the "Estimation field" like in step 2 above.

Configuring numeric custom fields

Any numeric custom field created for a specific Team-managed project can be estimated with Agile Poker. The only requirement is that the field is present on Project settings →Issue types → Issue type → Context fields:

NOTE Numeric custom fields for Team-managed projects are unique and can't be used for other projects. 

Configuring Original estimate time field

The Original estimate time field is a little bit tricky to configure for Agile Poker because it requires Time tracking to be present in the Context fields list. It's possible that the Original estimate is present in your issue details and you can edit and save it, but it might be not available for Agile Poker if the Time tracking is missing from the Context field list. 

Make sure both Original estimate and Time tracking are in Context field lists of issue types you plan to estimate:


By default, enabling the Estimation feature in Project Settings (Project settings → Features → Estimation) adds the required fields to the Context fields list for standard issue types: 

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