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  • Automating final score calculation outside Agile Poker

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Agile Poker Cloud

This part of the documentation relates to Agile Poker for Jira Cloud. If you use Jira Server go to the Agile Poker for Jira Server and Data Center documentation.

This article has been created to support users of Agile Poker's Multi-field estimation sessions and their need of calculating a final score based on the estimates outside the app, in Jira.

The users of multi-field estimation session can enable the Final score to calculate a weighted sum of several estimated fields (custom template) or based on the formula of the selected prioritization framework.

In case of updating the estimates inside Agile Poker the app will re-calculate the final score and save the changes to Jira. But all the changes outside Agile Poker won't affect the final score field.

Automation in Jira

This is when Jira's Automation comes in handy, which can re-calculate the final score upon a criterion update. Let's review an example for calculating the final score for Impact/Ability metric. 

First of all, navigate to the Automation space: 

  1. For Team-managed projects (formerly called Next-Gen), navigate to the Project → Project settings → Project automation.
  2. For generic automation rules, navigate to System → Automation → Automation rules (Jira admin access is required). 
    • You can also navigate to the general automation rules from #1 by clicking on Global administration.


  1. Click on the Create rule button.
  2. Add a trigger and select Field value changed.
  3. Select the field to monitor field changes and the operation. In the example, the field names are "Impact [CUSTOM FIELD]" and "Ability [CUSTOM FIELD]", and the operation is "Edit issue":
  4. Click Save. Select New action → Edit issue.
  5. Select the field that stores the final score, in our case, it is "Impact/Ability score [CUSTOM FIELD]"

  6. Type in the formula to calculate the final score value. In our case it is: 

    {{#=}}{{issue.Impact [CUSTOM FIELD]}} / {{issue.Ability [CUSTOM FIELD]}}{{/}}

    Use the same format to calculate values for other Multi-field estimation templates. 

  7. Click on Save to save the action. Specify the automation name and click on Start automation.
  8. Optionally, specify projects for the automation under Scope in Rule details or add New condition after clicking on Add component. 

That's it! Whenever someone changes one of the final score criteria, the final score is recalculated. 

Automation vs. Agile Poker's final score calculation

If you are using Agile Poker's Final score option for the Multi-field session, both Agile Poker and Jira will be saving the final score in parallel. While there is no negative effect from such a sequence, consider disabling the Final score for Agile Poker. 

What's next?

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