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Agile Poker Cloud

This part of the documentation relates to Agile Poker - estimation tool for Jira Cloud. If you use Jira Server go to the Agile Poker - estimation tool for Jira Server documentation.

To provide the highest possible service level we collect automatic error reports in our plugin. Received data help us fix bugs as soon as they appear so that their negative impact on our customers is smaller.

What is collected:

  • error details - time, error message and stack trace,
  • information about user browser - name, version,
  • information about user operating system - name, version.

We do not collect any information about issues nor value of the user votes.

Disabling automatic error reporting

We encourage you to keep automatic error reporting enabled because they help us to fix bugs in Agile Poker for Jira Cloud. If you want to disable error reporting despite this fact you can follow instructions on page Configuring Agile Poker for Jira Cloud.

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