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Here is what you need to know about migrating your Jira Server or Jira Data Center (DC) instance with Agile Poker to Jira Cloud.

1. Server to Cloud migration

Agile Poker app will appear in Jira Cloud Migration Assistant to allow a smooth transition from Server to Cloud.

Most Agile Poker data is migrated one-to-one, including general configuration, Interactive and Asynchronous sessions and their configuration. But there are some caveats - see below.


Automatic migration availability depends on Atlassian enabling app migration in Jira Cloud Migration Assistant.

1.1. Not migrated

Relative estimation sessions will not be migrated. Finish your Relative sessions in-progress before the migration as their state won’t be transferred.

1.2. Special handling of some fields

  1. Estimation comments for Asynchronous estimation session will be migrated for the last estimation round only; comments from the previous (earlier) rounds will not be migrated.

  2. In case if there is more than one Moderator defined for Asynchronous session in Agile Poker Server, then every session participant will become a Moderator (“Everyone” option will be picked up for that field). The same behavior in case if no Moderator was set.

  3. Agile Poker for Jira Server allowed including issues that did not have Estimation field configured for them into estimation session. Such issues will be migrated to Cloud as part of corresponding Agile Poker session, but they will be hidden from the session until corresponding Estimation field is configured for them in Jira. This was done to avoid confusion when estimates for such issues could not be saved.

1.3. Special cases handling

  1. Agile Poker sessions are linked to a specific Jira board. In case if board is not migrated then corresponding Agile Poker sessions will not be migrated as well. There are known limitations documented by Atlassian here:

    • As of  boards linked to more than one project will not be migrated

    • Atlassian tracks the work to enable migration of such boards in MIG-169 ticket. Please vote on it if this impacts your migration plans

  2. Estimation sessions that do not have at least a single participant available will not be migrated. This may happen in case if all the users participating in the specific session were skipped during Jira Server → Cloud migration. For example, because their accounts were deactivated, or the users were not selected to be migrated.

1.4. Migration troubleshooting

We highly recommend enabling logging for Agile Poker. In order to do that you need to add com.spartez.pokerng with info level at Jira Server’s logging and profiling page (more info).

The following log entry will appear once after Agile Poker or JCMA get restarted. It indicates that Agile Poker is ready for the migration process:

2021-02-19 ... INFO ... [...CloudMigrationHandler] The migration listener is ready to take migrations events

The following log entries will appear during each migration process:

2021-02-24 ... INFO [...CloudMigrationHandler] Migration New Migration started
2021-02-24 ... INFO [...MigrationDtoProvider] Preparing MigrationDto ...
2021-02-24 ... INFO [...MigrationDtoProvider] MigrationDto with 10 boards and 45 sessions is prepared.
2021-02-24 ... INFO [...CloudMigrationHandler] Writing app data on the cloud ...
2021-02-24 ... INFO [...CloudMigrationHandler] App data is written.

Such warning logs will contain information about boards and sessions that were skipped during the migration; as well as details about session participants, issues, and custom fields referenced in the migrated sessions that were missing in Jira Cloud:

2021-02-24 ... WARN [...MigrationDtoProvider] 3 sessions from 2 boards got skipped. Board ids: [1001, 1002] - Session ids: [2001, 2002, 2003]
2021-02-24 ... WARN [...MigrationDtoProvider] 4 users are missing from cloud. User ids: [31, 32, 33, 34]
2021-02-24 ... WARN [...MigrationDtoProvider] 5 issues are missing from cloud. Issue ids: [41, 42, 43, 44, 45]
2021-02-24 ... WARN [...MigrationDtoProvider] 2 custom fields are missing from cloud. Custom field ids: [51, 52]

We have put a limit on the maximum size of the Agile Poker data migration bundle. In case if that limit is exceeded you’ll see a corresponding message in the migration log. Please contact our Support team to get help then. We anticipate no customers will run into this limit but we have protected our systems from the unexpectedly large data sets.

2. Features available in Agile Poker Cloud only

Cloud version introduces collaborative boards for team estimations. In case of Relative session it was only a moderator who was placing the stories while sharing a screen in Server version. Cloud brings a significant change to the team estimations:

  • All team members can join the same session at the same time. No need for a moderator to share a screen!

  • If your team cannot reach a consensus during the estimation session, there is an unbiased voting feature to help you decide on the issue’s relative complexity

  • Check out Team Relative in action video if you want to learn more!

Another nice addition is the support of Bucket Sizing estimation that is similar to Relative session but with a set of pre-defined labeled buckets.

There are also additional features in Interactive session available in Cloud only:

  • Issue Detail View. In Cloud Relative session it is possible to view and comment on Jira issues from the session directly, in a way you are used to - issue details appear in a modal window just like on any Jira board

  • Interactive session in Cloud is available through a dedicated page rather than embedded directly into Jira's backlog

What you might want to do:

  • Consider giving your team a quick tour of Agile Poker or send them this page as the instruction

  • In case you need help please get in touch and we'll be happy to introduce your team to Agile Poker for Cloud

3. Functionality missing from Agile Poker Cloud

As a user of Jira Server you could have accustomed to some functionalities and may be concerned with what is missing. Here are the features that are currently unavailable in Cloud version of Agile Poker:

  • Distribution chart in Asynchronous session

  • Capacity calculator

  • Estimation sessions summary for Interactive session, including a page showing the history of personal and final estimation changes

  • Mobile view

We are here to help

In case you need any guidance or help during your migration process, please do not hesitate to contact us – we'll be glad to help!
We'd also love to listen about your organization's specific needs, so we can adjust product development plans.

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