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Global templates can be managed by Jira Administrators only.

Project templates can be managed by:

  • Jira Administrators (global permission),
  • Project Administrators,
  • Users granted the Manage Project Canned Responses project permission provided by our add-on.

See Managing project permissions documentation.

Editing the response template form

You can create or edit response templates using the form below. The form is available from the field where Canned Responses Pro is displayed. More options are available in the Canned Responses Pro settings screen.

On this page:

Template nameGive your template a name. This is the name you'll be searching for when using the template inside one of the fields Canned Responses Pro is available.
Visibility scope

Template visibility allows you to choose where you want to save the template. Template visibility can be restricted to you or shared with your teammates using Project or Global scopes.

See visibility scopes to understand more about how they work.

Response content

Write your response content. Macros will be resolved using the current issue context after you insert the template.

See list of all the macros that you can use.

Templates quick actions

Quick template actions inside templates dropdown allow you to execute the most frequent operations without leaving the field.

Canned Responses settings page

Canned Responses Pro settings page allows you to manage templates in a more comprehensive way than inline actions. In addition, you can clone and remove templates here.

Click the Cog icon next to the Canned response button to open the app settings page. 

Here's the settings page with your personal templates.

Move a template

You can move any existing template by changing its visibility scope.

Navigating between visibility scopes

You can navigate between all the scopes you are entitled to using the navigation bar.

Converting existing comments to new templates

If you think a comment may be useful in the future, you can create a template from it. Click the app icon to save the content for future use.

Organizing templates into folders

You can group templates into hierarchical structure using special syntax in the template name. You need to separate levels using a double colon, in example:

You can group templates into folders using a special syntax in the template's name. Here are a couple of examples:

By adding double colons you can separate the folder from the templates that belong to it. In the example above templates will be grouped inside folders "Examples" and "Support". When browsing through the templates inside the field Canned Responses Pro is available, you will see the folders with a little arrow next to it indicating you can access/open them to select a template

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