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Service Desk Automation: Canned Response Action

Canned Responses for Jira implements Service Desk API allowing you to create automatic Canned Responses triggered by other actions in your Service Desk projects.

Let's quickly go through the setup of a new automation rule with Add canned response action. 

Adding canned response action

  1. Go to Project administration of your Service Desk project.
  2. Go to Automation tab to see the list of automatic rules.
  3. Click New rule on the top.
  4. Select Custom rule (on the bottom) and click Next.

You should see rule editing page (similar to the one from the screenshot).

  1. Fill the rule name: "Notify customers about expected resolution time".
  2. Locate WHEN block and click Add trigger//ssue Created.
  3. Similarily under THEN block click Add action/Add canned response*
  4. Select a template with content you want to post and click Confirm.
  5. Select Public comment type to make it visible to customers. 
  6. Don't forget to click Save button on the top.

You're done! Once the customer rises new issue in the IT project he can see the comment inserted immediately resulting in:

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