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You can track usage of your templates with:

  1. Templates ranking – list of templates with their usage stats
  2. Stats per template – detailed usage data and history for a particular template

This way, you can:

  • See which templates are used most often and are most popular among your team — to know what works best
  • See least used, potentially abandoned templates — to clean up
  • Analyze in which issues particular templates were — to see the full context of the communication
  • Discover effective personal templates used by your team — to popularize best practices
  • Analyze detailed history log for templates — to audit the changes and usage
  • ...

Templates ranking

To see templates stats – navigate to the "Insights" page via your project menu in Jira.

The table features the templates by their:

  1. name,
  2. visibility scope,
  3. number of issues they were used in,
  4. number of people they were used by,
  5. date on when they were last used.

Please note:

  • Clicking on the issues number will let you view the issues in the Jira issue browser
  • The templates might be highlighted in colors based on the "last used" date – yellow after 180 days and red after 360 days


You can use filters to refine what you see in the table:

  • Templates filters (Templates and Visibility scopes) — refine which templates are displayed on the list
  • Usage filters (Used between, Used in projects, Used by, Used in fields) — refines what type of usage is counted in the stats

Stats per template

To see templates stats – click the "Insights" button by the template on the list of templates or in the edit dialog.

You can analyze:

  1. Usage over time– with number of issues the template was used in
  2. History of the template – when and by whom it was created, edited, and used in issues

We're looking for ideas!

Would you like to see more stats and insights about your templates? More granulated data? Dedicated reports?
Please let us know!

Your ideas, feedback, and suggestions will be much appreciated!

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