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This page is about Canned Responses for Jira Server and Data Center.
If you are using Jira Cloud – please see the cloud documentation .

In Atlassian Service Desk 3.7 Atlassian introduced canned responses functionality. See the release notes. Note, that as I write this, this functionality is available on Jira Server only.

What are the differences between Jira Service Management (formerly Jira Service Desk) built-in canned responses and Canned Responses Pro?

To make your decision simpler, here are the most notable differences between the two:

Canned Responses ProJira Service Management built-in canned responses
Jira Service Management(tick)(tick)
Jira Software(tick)(error)
Jira Core(tick)(error)
Jira Cloud(tick)(error)
Description field(tick)(error)
Text Field (multi-line) custom field(tick)(error)
Number of dynamic macros(plus) 23 + custom fields (see Supported macros)(minus) 7
Different contexts(plus) Project, Personal or Global(minus) Project only
Favorite templates(plus) Cloud only(minus)
Group templates sharing(plus) Cloud only(minus)
WYSIWYG editor

(plus) Cloud only

Template usage counter(error)(tick)

You can convert existing built-in canned responses to the Canned Responses Pro

Simple click on the "Convert and import" button in Import/Export page in Manage apps panel.

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