Fix for the "Unable to start chat: Cannot update issue property com.spartez.supportchat.last.seen" problem

When starting the chat, and also during the chat's message exchange, several issue properties are being updated. This cannot be done in the context of any of the chat participants, so the user account used to update these properties is the project lead. Therefore, it is crucial that this user has the following permissions in your project's permission scheme: 

  • Edit Issue permission
  • Browse projects persmission
  • Access to the project's Service Desk

See Jira documentation for more information on how to set this permission.

How to enable debug output of the Chat in the browser

If you have a problem with Chat for Service Management, it might be useful to make it produce debugging output in the browser's console. In order to do this:

  1. open your browser on the page with the Chat
  2. open the browser's development tools (Ctrl-Shift-J in Chrome on Windows, Command-Option-I in Chrome on Mac)
  3. type localStorage.setItem('support-chat-log-level', 3) and press ENTER
  4. refresh the page

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