The System User Access Token is used to authenticate while making requests to WhatsApp’s API (so that WhatsApp knows it's a legitimate and not a hacker request).

We've summarized how to create a System User Token below, check out the official guide for more details.

Generate System User Access Token on Meta for Developers

1. In your App go to Business Settings.

2. Below Users, click System Users.

3. Click Add New System User.

4. Give a name to the system user, choose the Admin role. Click Create System User.

5. Click the Add Assets button. Navigate to Apps, select your App in Assets and turn on Manage App switcher. Then press Save Changes.

6. Click Generate New Token.

7. Select your app and business_management, whatsapp_business_messaging and whatsapp_business_managing permissions, then click Generate Token.

8. Copy and save (!) your System User Token.

Remember, you can only share a token once. Each new system user requires a new generated token.

🎉 Hooray! You have generated a System User Token.

Add System User Access Token to Chat

Copy the System User Token into the required field on the IM Integration page.

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