In addition to the automatic responses configured using Service Management automation rules, you can use IBM Watson Assistant Integration to automate chat conversations

You may want to send an automated response to the customer who initiated the chat, so that the custmer knows that their message actually reached your Jira. You can do this using Service Management's automation rules. Here is how:

  1. Go to your Service desk project's Settings
  2. find Automation
  3. click Add rule button
  4. from the presented dialog, pick Custom rule
  5. give the rule a name and a short description
  6. click the WHEN box and then add the Issue created condition
  7. click the IF box and add the Issue matches condition with the JQL request-channel-type = chat:

  8. click the THEN box and add the Add comment action, providing a Public comment
  9. Alternatively, if you have our Canned Responses Pro add-on installed, you can use a canned response instead of a hand-crafted comment:
  10. Click the Save button in lower-right

The whole automation rule should now look like this:

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