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The chat widget configuration page is the main place where you can set up the chat widget. 

The configuration options are as follows:

Add chat to customer portal

Checking this option adds the chat widget to project's customer portal, where it is visible as the icon in the lower right:

Allow adding chat to external web pagesChecking this option lets you place the chat widget on any web page. Actually placing the chat widget on a web page requires modifying the page's source. You need to place there the HTML code in the gray box below the checkbox
Allow anonymous accessChecking this checkbox allows customers to chat with you from an external web page without logging in - they will be visible to you as Anonymous Chat User. If this checkbox is cleared, users will be required to log in (or register - see below) before starting a chat
Allow users to register in your Service Desk using the chat widget

Checking this checkbox allows your customers to register in your Service Desk directly from the chat widget. They will be presented with this dialog in order to register:

Welcome message

This text entry box lets you customize the message displayed to the user in the chat's header:

and in the "welcome ribbon" for new users:

Other chat text customizations are done globally (not per project) in the Translate and Customize Chat configuration page

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