Here is what you need to know about migrating your Jira Server instance with Chat for Jira Service Management to Jira Cloud.


Automatic app data migration will be available as soon as Atlassian enables apps migrations in Jira Cloud Migration Assistant. As of 9 February 2021, migrating app data is not officially supported by the migration assistant. You can still use it, but this requires enabling the Dark Feature in your Jira Server instance (click the link to lear how to enable dark features in your Jira). After enabling the dark feature, you have to restart your Jira for the change to get applied to the system.

When performing the migration, make sure that you have Chat verison 1.8.0 or newer installed on your Jira Server. Then, verify that the app can be migrated:

Clicking Assess and install apps should bring up this page:

Green tick in the Can be migrated column means that Chat's data will be migrated to cloud during your migration process.

What is Migrated

At this time (as of 9 February 2021) Jira Cloud Migration Assistant does not support migrating Service projects. This means that direct migration of your conversation data is not yet possible using this tool. Therefore to retain the you will have to export your project data from the Server instance and import it into the Cloud instance manually - you can use this guide for instructions.

Atlassian has promised to support Service projects for the Migration Assistant - watch this issue for more details.

At this time, the set of Chat app data migrated from Server to Cloud includes:

  • translations
  • applicable global settings

What is NOT Migrated

At this time, project settings and issues created from chat conversations are not migrated from Server to Cloud - this is because the Migration Assistant does not yet support Service projects.

Feature Differerences Between Cloud and Server

We are aiming at providing feature parity between Server and Cloud versions of Chat for most wanted features. New features are continually added to Cloud version - watch the "What's New" announcement banners for details.

Configuration Differences

After migrating from Server to Cloud, you will have to update your chat widget javascript code, placed at an external web site - compare code snippets for Cloud and Server.

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