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Chat for Service Management comes with in-built analytics. The data collected is anonymous and pertains only to the statistical usage of the add-on. It helps the team at Spartez Software optimise the solution and implement even better future versions. 

What is Tracked

We do not collect any information about users, issues and their property values, or any identifiable information about the Jira instance itself, other than the Service Management user tier. 

We collect the following events:



Chat icon clickedWe detect whether the click was for opening or closing the chat
Chat closedThis is sent if the chat is used on a mobile device
Initial chat banner clicked

Supporter went online or offline
Enabled or disabled Google Analytics
IBM Watson Assistant enabled or disabled
Websockets communication failure

Disabling and Enabling Analytics Collection

We encourage you to keep Google Analytics enabled. Using anonymous usage statistics we improve Chat for Service desk to fit our clients' needs better. If you want to disable Google Analytics despite this fact, please toggle the checkbox on the setup page, as shown on the image below:

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