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Online vs Offline

By default, agents are not seen as "available" by customers - it is assumed that initially "there is nobody home" as your organization is "after hours" - this means that the chat icon on customer portal or external web page turns from 




and the customer is not able to start a chat without logging in or registering - because it would be impossible to contact the customer by email later on:

The chat becomes "online" when at least one agent (support person) makes themselves available. Agent availability is presented in the top Jira header, as an icon:

The icon shows how many agents are currently online, and also the online status - it is gray when you are offline and white when you are online (or black when you are using a "light" JIRA toolbar color):

When there are no agents online, the online agents counter is red, otherwise it is green.

Using a Show Header Icons global configuration option, you can limit visibility of this icon only to projects which have chat enabled.

Going Online

Going online is done by clicking on the Online/Offline  () button/status indicator in your JIRA header. This presents you with a dialog, where you can make yourself available, and optionally specify how long you will be online:

When you go online, you are added to the list of available agents.

Going Offline

To go offline, click the Online/Offline button/status again:

Putting other agents offline

Sometimes agents might forget to get themselves offline when they are unavailable (e.g. they go home). In such cases, if you are the project administrator and Jira administrator, you can put these agents offline yourself. This is done from the online agents list in the online/offline dialog:

To put an agent offline, just hover over their name and then click the "door" icon ().

Even if you are "offline", you can still monitor chat requests and respond to the customer and your responses will be visible. However, only if at least one agent is "online", the customer knows that "we are in" and live chatting is possible.

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