After you define the operation sequence, you can invoke it manually from quite a few places

In asset browser

  • from the "cog" menu of the individual asset (operation sequence is applied to this asset):
  • from the "Operations" menu for selected assets (operation sequence is applied to all selected assets):

In both cases, this dialog shows up

In the dialog, find the operation that you want to invoke, either in "My sequences" or "Public sequences" tab, and click "Execute"

On asset page

On the asset page, click the "Operation Sequences" button in the top-right corner of the page:

The same dialog as the one described in the previous section is shown and the executed operation is applied to the currently shown asset. After operation is executed, the page is automatically refreshed.

On issue page

If you have an asset associated with an issue using Asset custom field, you can execute the operation sequence by clicking the "..." button next to the asset name:

This opens the "simplified" operation sequence dialog:

In this dialog, first select the operation you want and then click the "Execute" button

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