QR Code Printing for tracking assets

Jira asset management plugin (Asset Tracker for Jira) lets you quickly view and print QR code that contains the URL of the asset page in your Jira. This lets you quickly open the asset page on a mobile device. After you print the QR code, you can stick it to the asset and then scan it with the mobile device's camera.

For more complex label printing, see next section.

QQR codes can also be viewed and printed from the asset managed lists in Jira click the "cog" icon in the asset row and select the "QR Code" menu entry:

Printing Labels for managed assets

Asset Tracker for Jira lets you print labels for your assets. Labels are fully customisable. They can contain:

  • QR code of the asset, containing asset's URL
  • value of any of the asset's fields
  • a static text
  • asset ID

All of these can be positioned and sized freely on the label. Multiple label formats can be defined, so that you can print different labels for different item types.

You can print labels for individual asset from the asset page, as seen below.

You can also print labels in bulk, from the item browser, by selecting multiple items and clicking Oprations → Print Labels menu item.

An example of generated labels is shown below. Note however that the layout of the label can be changed and customized to your liking.

Defining Labels in Asset Tracker for Jira

To better manage assets in Jira you can defining labels in asset tracker. 

Go to administration → Printable Labels and click the "Add Label" button after entering a name for the label.

After you create a label, you can click the "Edit" link to change its definition. This opens the label editor page, where you can:

  • define the label dimensions (in "dots" - 1/300 of an inch) - in the first section
  • define what fields, QR codes and static texts will be displayed on a label - in the second section, where you can also see the rough preview of the label
  • print test labels, by providing their numeric IDs and clicking "Print"

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