There are two ways to control permissions in Asset Tracker. You can define access to browsing and editing assets for specified groups (every user within that group will share the same access level for all folders) or for a more flexible solution, you can define access level to specific folders for individual Jira groups. 

Folder-based permissions management

To specify the permissions level for a folder, click the lock icon next to the folder for which you would like to set the permissions.

If you haven’t already enabled folder based permissions in administration panel you will be prompted to do it here.

Folder permissions are additive and inherited down the hierarchy. This means subfolders will inherit the access level for specified group set for the parent folder. However, you can change the access levels for subfolders, if needed. If you want to change the subfolder permission levels for a specific group, you may only assign either the parent folder’s access level or a greater access level than the parent folder.
You will be able to define different permissions for each group. The permission level can be set to No Access, View only and View & edit

Groups that have access to a parent folder will also have access to any subfolders added to the parent folder. It is important that you give appropriate access levels, so users only have access to the data they need. Please note - restricting access to a folder does not prevent users from seeing that folder in the folder hierarchy on the left-hand side of the page - but it does prevent them from viewing the contents of the folder. All users are still able to see all folders in the hierarchy on the left-hand side.
You can later switch back to the legacy permissions management in Administration > Manage Apps > Asset Tracker > Access Management.

Group-based permissions management (legacy)

Group-based permissions allow you to quickly and easily specify common access levels for Jira groups.
To do this, simply tick the checkbox with the access level you would like to provide, and then select the groups for which you would like to assign that permission level.

In addition to limiting access to Asset Tracker administration and assets, you can also limit who can edit the "Asset" custom field in JIra by ticking the checkbox at the bottom of the page. If the checkbox is ticked, only the users who can edit assets will be able to edit the custom field. For other users this field will be read-only.

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