This page provides reasoning and deadlines for the sunsetting of Asset Tracker for Jira-Asset Management. It also provides some recommendations for alternative solutions and data migration.

1. What are the reasons behind sunsetting Asset Tracker?

After many years of development and significant investment into the product, we did not see much customer interest in it. We then decided to cancel the release of the Cloud version of the app and sunset the Server version after Atlassian acquired Mindville, as this meant that the Asset and Configuration management solution would become part of Jira Service Management.

We strive for the highest quality across our products and the continuation of Asset Tracker meant ongoing investment with a very low chance of the product’s commercial success.

2. Will you release a Cloud version of Asset Tracker?

No, we decided to sunset both the Server and Cloud versions (the Cloud version was in a closed Beta stage).

3. What is the timeline?

  • Asset Tracker Server:

    •  - the last Jira Server version supported will be 8.21 BTF (behind the firewall).

    • We will not run compatibility checks for Jira 9 and newer so it might be impossible to use Asset Tracker Server with these versions of Jira.

    • We will not support Jira 9 or newer.

  • Asset Tracker Cloud (closed Beta)

    •  - we aim to unplug the Cloud version by this date.

    • Customers will not be able to use Cloud version of Asset Tracker after this date.

4. What are the alternative solutions?

5. How can data be migrated?

Asset Tracker allows you to export data in JSON format and most solutions for asset tracking/management support JSON import.

You may still need to perform some configuration manually, depending on the capabilities of a target solution. Please consider checking:

  • Asset types

  • Asset fields

  • Linking with Jira issues

  • Permissions (per folder)

6. I just bought Asset Tracker license recently (after  ) - what do I do?

If your license expires after , please contact us through our Support Portal for a compensation. It will be calculated proportionally to the number of months not covered by Asset Tracker maintenance and overall license duration.

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