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Important: Asset Tracker End of Life Announcement (31 Jan 2022)

Software products born and die. We, at Spartez Software have decided to discontinue development of Asset Tracker and focus on new opportunities. Please check End-of-Life announcement for more details. 

IT asset management tool - Asset Tracker for Jira - is an assets/resources/ inventory management system which integrates with Jira, allowing you to manage any type of asset: from laptops & smartphones to printers & TV

Jira Cloud App

This documentation is describing Asset Tracker for Jira Server. While Asset Tracker for Jira Cloud is a sibling app to the Server one and they share the concept, it may miss some features or have slighty different UI.

Should there be any questions, please contact our support at support@spartez-software.com.

Jira IT asset management features:

  • Customizable layout & powerful search
  • Defining asset classes & hierarchical folders
  • Linking assets with assets & assets with users
  • Recording asset history & location
  • Automatic hardware scanning
  • Printing & scanning QR code labels
  • Creating issues in Jira out of assets
  • Integration with Jira Service Desk

Asset Tracker - Jira asset management.

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