If you need to be able to estimate from your JIRA Kanban Board, you can do so with Agile Estimates for JIRA add-on.
The current version of JIRA Agile does not support planning mode for Kanban Boards. Atlassian's progress on this issue is tracked here: GHS-6175
To patch this drawback we've implemented issue estimation for the JIRA Kanban Board in our Agile Estimates for JIRA add-on.

In the screenshot below you can see the Board status after you've switched the estimation on. Read below on how to enable Agile Estimates for JIRA for the Kanban Board.


How to enable Estimation for Kanban Boards

In order to enable estimation and story point value display in the Kanban board in JIRA, you'll need to perform three actions:


  1. Enable Agile Estimates for JIRA from the Kanban Board menu.

  2. Follow instructions and click Go to Configuration to open Kanban Board configuration page.

  3. In the JIRA Kanban Board configuration screen select Estimation and change Estimation Statistic from None to one of your desired values e.g. Story PointsBusiness Value or Original Time Estimate.

Next, you can go back to your Kanban board and it will look similar to the first screen in this topic.