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In order to set up your physical agile board, the first thing you need is the actual board. You can use cork boards, magnetic boards, or even put your cards on the table. Anything that your team finds useful goes. At Spartez we are using both magnetic whiteboards as well as cork boards:

This is a photo of the actual physical boards which we use in our office

Once you have the board ready, it is time to print your cards. Agile Cards is adding its functionality to several screens of VisualStudio Team Services and TFS user interface. In other words, it is possible to print the work item cards from many different places by clicking the "print" icon or calling the "Print work item(s)" command from the menu. All of these actions are leading to the single printing UI explained in Printing work item cards chapter. 

Here are the available locations to print cards from:


Are you familiar with all the places where Agile Cards are connected with your instance of VisualStudio Team Services or TFS? Fantastic! It is now time to configure the templates.

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