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When you click the "printer" icon on the VisualStudio Team Services or TFS screens or select the "Print work item(s)" option from the context menu, you will be taken to the Agile Cards Print and Configuration Screens. Not sure what that means? Follow this link to read about all the places you can print work items from.

Before you actually send your cards to your printer, it may be important to configure the individual cards' look and feel.

Agile Cards is highly flexible and configurable. You can define many aspects of cards' configuration and store the settings in templates for later use. The template configuration flows are embedded within the printout flows so that the fine tuning of the cards can be performed without any additional hassle. You can define many templates with different card layouts, fields, colors etc. There are also some example templates ready for you to start with or clone and modify.

Selecting the template is a pre-requisite of the actual print. To see how you can change the templates and print the work items with a selected template, please see the following detailed chapters below:


Have you explored all the aspects of Agile Cards configuration? Have you printed your first set of cards? Perfect! It is time to learn about Agile Cards Scanner.

Enjoy our product and if you have any comments or feedback please do not hesitate to contact us at Spartez Support Portal or

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