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Agile Cards for VisualStudio Team Services is an extension hosted on Microsoft VisualStudio Marketplace and licensed through Azure subscription.

Installation on cloud based VisualStudio Team Services

In order to install Agile Cards on your cloud instance of VisualStudio Team Services log on to Microsoft VisualStudio Marketplace and navigate to the following address:

You should see the Agile Cards listing. 

In order to start your 30-day free trial period press the "Start Trial" button. Follow the steps on screen to select your VSTS instance. If you are not an admin of that instance you will still be able to request for the extension to be installed by your admin for you. During the trial period the product will be fully functional and supported.

In order to start your paid Agile Cards subscription press the "Buy" button. Follow the steps on screen. You will be asked to select an existing Azure subscription. If you do not have an Azure subscription yet, follow the steps on screen to create one. 

Installation on on-premises instance of TFS

Agile Cards requires your on-premises instance of TFS to be upgraded to TFS 2015 RC 2 or newer version.

In order to install Agile Cards on your self-hosted on-premises instance of TFS first open the web interface of your TFS. When there, click the "Browse Marketplace" button.

You will be redirected to Microsoft VisualStudio Marketplace. Before opening the "Agile Cards" listing, please make sure that your computer name has been correctly identified and displayed on screen. You will not be able to start the "Agile Cards" installation process on your TFS unless VS Marketplace recognises that you have opened the offer from your TFS instance.

Use the Marketplace's search feature to find Agile Cards or locate it on the list:

You will be presented with the Agile Cards listing. 

Press "Buy" button to start the installation process. Note: the subscription will only become paid after the first 30 days of trial period.

Follow the steps on screen. Choose TFS Collection for which you want the extension to be enabled and again make sure that server name is the machine you want to install the extension on. You will be asked to select an existing Azure subscription. If you do not have an Azure subscription yet, follow the steps to create one. 

Installation with VSIX file on on-premises instance of TFS

Save the VSIX file to the hard drive of your computer. As an admin you can install and manage extensions within your TFS instance by going to "Manage Extensions" section:

Upload the Agile Cards VSIX file from the file which you have previously saved to your HDD:

Once the extension is uploaded to the on-premises instance of TFS it is ready to be installed. For this process to be performed press the "Install" button and follow the steps in the installation wizard.

Assigning Agile Cards extension to users

Agile Cards is a paid extension offered as a try-and-buy solution. Remember, before any users can use it you will be required to give them access to it. Make sure to give the access to the extension to all the users who will use Agile Cards. And if you run out of available extension seats, you can always upgrade to a higher tier. 

Agile Cards works with regular users, admins and stakeholders. For the description of differences between these user types please make sure to read this Microsoft article.

For all questions related to installation, consult this generic extension installation tutorial by Microsoft, or let us know through Spartez Support Portal or


Have you performed your installation successfully? Great! The next thing to learn about are all the possible ways of populating your physical boards with cards. Read on to find out how you can start printing work items.

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